Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bathroom Reveal

I’m finally ready to share pictures of our 2nd floor bathroom that we remodeled!  (Only a few months after it has been done…oops!  I’m blaming it on this 9 month old and moving.)
So, without furthur ado…
As you can see, I haven’t done much decorating in here.  Since our house is on the market, I figured there isn’t much point in personalizing this room much as who knows if the future owners will have the same tastes or not.  Plus, no real point in making nail holes in the freshly painted walls!  So, no window treatments (I would have used bamboo/reed blinds like in the kitchen), no shelves, few pictures, little decor.  We weren’t going to spend a lot of money on fancy finishes since we have no way of knowing if we’ll get that money back out of the house when it sells.  It looks pretty bare, I know!
Here’s a list of what we did with this room:
  • Removed old floral wallpaper (yay, it’s gone!!)
  • Re-tiled shower/tub surround
  • Tore out old blue plastic tile on wall
  • Installed beadboard paneling where plastic tile was, installed trim
  • Removed old medicine cabinet, installed new one
  • Put in new groutable vinyl tile (post to come on this)
  • Repainted and trimmed out old vanity
  • Installed new sink, towel bar, and lighting
We ended up doing it all ourselves (my father-in-law helped with the shower surround) and it took about 2 months.  We worked on it bit by bit rather than doing it all at once, which is why it took so long.  As anyone who has remodeled an old house knows, there are always, always things that come up that you didn’t forsee.  Walls are not square, plumbing is strange, radiators make it difficult to install flooring. 
Although our time in this house is limited, we are enjoying our “new” bathroom for now!  Our 2 year old demands to “go upstairs to the bathroom” whenever he has to go, so we’ll take that as a sign that our whole family is happy with how the bathroom turned out. 

And as for what we did with that old laundry chute…well, let’s see!
A secret storage place for (yep!!) toilet paper!!  I love when design can meet function.  :)
Within easy reach of the toilet.
I love this free printable (from Simple As That) that I printed and popped in a Ribba (Ikea) frame for instant art.  Plus, we’re big G.K. Chesterton fans so this is perfect!
We think our new bathroom matches the rest of our “cottage-y” house so much more than it’s outdated previous self.  I apologize for the lack of photos that show the whole bathroom at once--it is a small space and I don’t have a wide-angle lens for my camera!  The room is much much more pleasant to be in now!

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  1. So beautiful! If all I saw of the house was this bathroom, I'd buy it! :)

  2. Can I plllleaaaase just say how much I loooooove the detail of your tub/shower. You cant hope for that kinda character nowadays!

    1. I totally agree...they just don’t make them like that anymore! Old bathrooms may be small but often they are FULL of character. : )


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