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I'm Elizabeth, though I usually go by Liz, and my initials make up the middle letters of "create", which is what I like to do!

I'm  a midwest girl with a dear husband, three cuties, and an interest in  beautifying the life I'm blessed with.

We started out here:


at our 1920s charmer in the city (needing lots of work).  It was our first home and we tackled a kitchen renovation, two bathroom renovations (one pre-blog but the other here), and lots of little updates while we lived there.

Then we recently moved to here:


our 1990’s "dream" home in the country.  We have lots of plans for this house too but hopefully not any “gut jobs” like our old house! 

I’m always scheming about paint colors, re-arranging furniture, moving plants around our yard, and changing a diaper (or ten!). 

I started this blog after reading DIY/home blogs for a few years because I knew very few people in my everyday life who were as interested in this sort of thing as I was…and then that grew to a wider group of bloggers who may not have home décor quite so obsessively on the brain but who are pretty awesome in their own right.  As a stay-at-home mom I found it was a creative outlet to write about the little things that I am working on and be a part of a little bloggy community. 

I often have people I know tell me I must have wonderful “luck” in finding treasures at garage sales, thrift stores, and for free on the curb.  But I’m here to tell you that it is not “luck”, and you can find treasures too!  You just have to keep your eyes open to the potential!  If you need a little hand-holding along the way I’m always ready to encourage.  : )

Photography, cooking, sewing, and digital design are also things I get excited about.  Well…besides my husband and kids, that is.  They are my number one priority and interest but a girl has to have some other fun stuff too right?

I so enjoy your comments…I know you are all busy bees so the fact that you take time out of your day to leave a comment means so much to me!  It really brightens my day! 

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