Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Tale of Two Knobs


A long, long time ago a wife was in need of two knobs which would grace the door of her newly-repainted bathroom vanity. 

“They must be perfect” she said. 

“My dear, only you are perfect” sighed her husband, “but what kind are you looking for?  I will be travelling the long road right past the Hobby Lobby in a fortnight and I would love to get some for you.”

“Well,” she said, “I can’t decide.  The ones that are currently on there are just so uninspiring.  I used that magic spray paint on them but they still aren’t what I want.  Let me think.”

A fortnight passed.  The wife still hadn’t decided what she wanted, though she knew she would know when she saw them.  The husband was about to leave on his aged steed when the wife had an idea.

“You know, my love, that the wise ones gave you the power of sending telepathic images to my mother’s old sailing trunk!  Use that power to show me what knobs they have, and I will send my hawk to tell you which ones to get.” 

The husband wondered just how this would work, but like all good husbands he agreed to try the plan.  Later that day, she saw a flickering image on the side of the trunk and she knew he had reached Hobby Lobby safely. 



“Oh, no, these are definitely not the ones.  When I said glass I meant clear, like water, not glass like a clay pot.”  she messaged him with her first hawk Griselda.

The next images were a little less dim, and she knew he had gotten the message about clearer glass so that gladdened her heart.

photo(5) photo(4)

“None of those are quite what I was looking for.  However the ones one the bottom middle of the last image are almost what I am looking for.  How big are they?  Are they large like a goose egg or small like an acorn?”  She send her second hawk Redwing with this message.

After many long moments, she finally saw that he had sent her another picture.

photo(6)“Ah, middle sized like a bantam’s egg.”  she nodded.  “But I was looking for something a bit more, well, primeval looking.  Like it was from the 600s instead of the 1600s.”  This time she sent her fastest hawk Monrovia.


“I think he really is getting the idea.  Hmm, what about that one on the lower right with a slight cast to it, next to the sign with the runes?”  Again she sent one of her last hawks to fly quickly with the message.


“Well done!  That is the one!  Godspeed my beloved husband to my side so that I may fasten them to my vanity and complete my project that we have toiled so long to complete!”  She send her last hawk Esmerelda with this final missive. 

The husband returned with the knobs and there was much merriment and feasting in their humble abode that day.

And they lived happily ever after. 

  (true story)


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