Thursday, February 13, 2014

Next…Master Bedroom

One area of the house I haven’t focused on much at all since we moved last June is our master bedroom.  Since we don’t spend much time in there apart from sleeping, it gets rather neglected in the beauty area.  On the flip side, it doesn’t usually get very messy either, which is always a welcome change for this mom who is constantly trying to keep the rest of the house from looking like a tornado went through it.  : )

I really would like to eventually get some curtains and something on the walls, so the room feels a little more homey and lived-in.  Plus, I just think it will be a fun room to decorate.  : )

Here is where we started, before we moved our bed and stuff in:


I realize that picture doesn’t tell you much about the room, but it does scream “90’s!” so you can get the vibe of the whole area.  Picture this, but continuing all around the room.  I’m really not a fan of maroon so I knew this would be one of the first things in the house to get painted, and thankfully it was.  My sister helped me paint it when my husband was out of town last fall, and I also took those curtains down ASAP.  They looked like big bushy eyebrows to me!! 

Here is the room today…keep in mind I have not done anything except paint in here!!!  This is the starting point, my friends.


Also, I realized that we still have the wreaths on our windows in this picture .  I did take them down yesterday, yay for me!!!!!  (Sarcastically patting myself on the back right now…)  Also, I’m just a little embarrassed because we normally have a nicer comforter on our bed, but I had spilled red wine while reading on it the night before so it was in the wash!  Baby blue spare blankets to the rescue!! 

We painted the room Worldly Gray by Benjamin Moore (color-matched in Olympic paint).  I think they may have made a little mistake in the tinting department as it didn’t seem quite the same color as the same Worldly Gray I painted in the dining room of our previous house, but I still really like it.  It bridges gray and tan and is a very calming neutral.  Which is exactly what I want this room to be…calming!!  I want it to be our quiet and calming refuge from the sea of noise our three rowdy (but very loved!) children bring to our lives. 

Ok, enough talking.  More pictures:


You can see from the picture above that it has a vaulted ceiling which I wasn’t sure of at first, but have since decided that I really like (especially because it has a skylight…see below).


It is a fairly large room, so much larger than our old bedroom.  The bed is king-sized so it takes up a lot of space, but there is still plenty of room around it.  One nice thing is that we don’t have to keep our dressers in our room as we have a pretty large closet-room attached too. 


Ok, here goes.  I have a lot of plans for this room!  See that little indented area in the wall? 


When we moved it in had a couple of shelves made of particle-board on a very unattractive metal shelving system (think metal strips with brackets on either side of the opening).  It looked like something college kids would have in their dorm room. 

I would like to make real wood shelves and trim them out to look something more like this inspiration photo:

(via Thrifty and Chic)

Wouldn’t that be pretty?  (I’m not sure my bibliophile husband would agree however… ; )

Next up, we need some curtains!


I really have no ideas for curtains yet, except I know they will be cheap.  : )  Stay tuned for that. 

Since I love lists, here’s a list of my ideas for this room:

  • Install shelves in inset area (and paint the wall behind navy)
  • Cheap curtains, most likely DIY
  • Headboard (DIY…I’ve had all the materials for this for months and months and just haven’t done it yet!)
  • Re-make bedskirt (since our bed is a Cali King I’d rather spend a little time sewing than a lot of money on a new one)
  • Do something about the golden oak trim and doors (I’m mulling over this one, any suggestions?  My husband likes the wood-grain look while I would prefer to just paint it)
  • Thrift a different side table for his side of the bed, something industrial strength to hold all the books he normally has stacked there.  : )
  • Possibly install a different ceiling fan, perhaps the much nicer one from the kitchen area that we don’t really use?
  • ART!!
  • Maybe maybe if I get a wild hair (and lots of energy), put in faux beams on the vaulted ceiling.

I’ll leave you with that overload today and come back another day with some pictures that are inspiring me for this bedroom!

Hopefully in the meantime our littlest guy will get the tooth he has been cutting with a vengeance for the past couple of weeks and return to his former happy self and let me get some sleep (and more time to blog!). 


  1. It looks so much brighter without the maroon and valances! I really like that wall color, too.

    1. Oh yes, I like it so much better now. That maroon was just too much!!

  2. I love those shelves with molding! And I'm really interested to see what you do - our master bedroom is totally lacking any sort of decor and we have a lot of extra space in there... It's such a blank slate, but I have no eye for design!

    1. Yes, those shelves look great, right? I think it is more challenging to decorate a room that has extra space in it...more space, more blank walls, etc. I’m a bit stumped by the vaulted area is fun to have something “different” but now how to decorate it?? : )

  3. I love lists and yours isn't overwhelming at all. With a few changes that you have listed, this room will feel just like home. I love the idea of adding faux beams -- beautiful. Maybe you could stain the golden oak to something a little darker to match the beams that hope to install. But..I bet adding beams would take care of the your husbands need for woodgrain.

    1. Hmmm, yes I was thinking of maybe getting some gel stain and seeing how that looked on the trim before I decide. The doors are particularly orange-y so I would have to take that into account too. They would probably look best just painted. So many great ideas!!

  4. I love the idea of building shelves into that little cubby. It's hard to tell in pictures, but is there an outlet on the back wall? It's a interesting space and I wonder what the original purpose was. My master bedroom is also painted Worldly gray and it's such a great color. I definitely think that you should paint the trim white! Just do it when your husband is gone and when he comes home I'm sure he'll love it :) Happy wife, happy life!

    1. Yes, there is an outlet plus a cable hook-up on that back wall. I think they intended the cubby to be for a TV? (Back when they had the big tube TVs, so I suppose it needed to be deep) We're not TV in the bedroom watchers though so that isn't something we need this space for.
      Worldly gray painters unite!!!! : )
      Haha!! I may just have to do that, there is a business trip coming up that may present a golden opportunity for Operation Trim Whitening!


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