Thursday, February 6, 2014

Long Kitchen Wall—Finished!

(For now…)

I finally did get to Ikea (didn’t end up going last week as there was a big snowstorm the day I was planning to go) and got the brackets, so I’m crossing this area off my list.  I’m sure I’ll tweak it from time to time, but for now it is done.


I added the shelves to the left of the dresser and also the mounted pasta poster. 


I bought these brackets at Ikea and painted them white to match the pine boards I cut and painted for shelves. 

I think this poster is so fun!!  I found it while we were on a little weekend trip at a place called Madison Modern Market. 


It is a Cavallini print and we are all pasta experts now:


It has a number next to each illustration of pasta that corresponds to a name on the list.  My husband jokes that we need to try all the different types of pasta now…but there are over 100 on here so it could take a while!!

I mounted it with spray adhesive (I was going to use Mod Podge but I read it might bubble) onto a piece of MDF that I cut to the exact size.  I stained the edges with walnut stain so it would tie into the other dark woods on this side of the wall, then used D-rings for hanging.  It covers an unused and oddly positioned phone jack (shhhh!).



Please excuse the drywall dust on the floor in this ^ picture.  : )  I was in such a hurry to take pictures I didn’t even sweep after I installed the shelves into the wall. 

And as always, the most fun is “styling” the shelves. 


I’m sure I will change up the shelves often but for now they look like this!  I gathered all the shelf stuff from around the house…love shopping the house for new arrangements!


All right!  I promise I will give you a break from the kitchen area for a while.  I have other plans for the other side of the room where all the cabinets are (which I am not going to take a picture of right now because…we live here and there are dirty dishes/snack supplies/art projects galore on the counters!) but that will be a bigger project and will take a while.  Who knows when that will get started and done!

We do have a master bedroom I am itching to do something with!  That may be next on my never-ending list!


  1. I love what you did with the space! And that poster is fabulous. :) I never knew there were so many different types of pasta!

  2. Oh yes, when I saw that poster I knew I had to get it! I had no idea either that there were so many types!

  3. Nice, I really like how you decorated that wall, everything looks great! I linked to you site from another blog and I am glad I did. You have give me a couple good ideas. :-)

    Visit my site sometime if you get a chance. I am a woodworker but I also like to cook, bake and grill so I also post a lot of recipes! Check out my cutting boards.

    Michael :-)

    1. Thanks Michael! My grandpa was a wonderful woodworker (he is still with us at 92 but can't do much fine woodworking anymore) so I have great memories of the smell of wood shavings from his basement workshop. Glad you stopped by!


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