Monday, January 27, 2014

A Case of the Mondays

Well…wallowing in some severe cabin fever over here…it is once again more than a few degrees below zero and the past few days have been a sleepless blur as our kids got sick yet again this winter.  Does anyone else feel like this winter will never end???  I am hopeful all the kids are almost back to their normal selves but I want--and yet I don’t want--to go out and about because seriously??  It is so cold they closed school again, and we Minnesotans are tough so it has to be downright cold outside!!  I certainly won’t be dragging our recovering toddler out in that. 

To keep myself sane, I brought a bunch of snow inside to our kitchen sink, dragged two kitchen chairs over, dropped some food coloring in and let the older kids at it with spoons, some sprinkles, and play dishes.  I rarely am this fun so they were really excited about it…and I really should do things like this more often.  It kept them occupied for over an hour which is unusual in this house!  Plus, it was amazingly clean—always a bonus for me!!

To get some perspective…here is the view out my kitchen window into our backyard…


And yes, I know it is pretty in many ways!  But, I’m just so ready for it to be green again. 

Our driveway is surrounded by mounds of the cold stuff too:



I hope you’re all feeling a little warmer and pretty please, if you have any grass or temps above sub-zero, can you send them my way???  I will be so grateful!!  : )


  1. Winter is my favorite but I too am getting a little slick of slipping and sliding every time I step outside. Here's to sunshine and happiness!

    1. Winter is my hubby's favorite season too...but he is from the polar northland (even more north than here!) and he is used to it. Spring is my favorite which is one reason that I'm so looking forward to warming temps!

  2. I'm definitely trying that snow in the sink trick! And, wow, if you guys had schools closed then it MUST be positively frigid! It made it up to about 52 here earlier today, but then the temps took a dip and it's supposed to be 8 tonight- sorry we don't have many degrees to send up north. :)

  3. Ah! I think I just posted under my husband's account- oops!

    1. Haha, it would be a first to have a guy comment on this blog (apart from my husband)! Oh yes it is positively frigid...52 sounds like a balmy heat wave!! I think we are supposed to get down to around -15 tonight. We don't often have schools closed around here for the is usually for snow days, so this winter is a bit unusual in that we have had a few "cold days" already.


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