Monday, January 13, 2014

How I’m liking the new paint color…Collingwood

I’m liking it!!  Shortest post ever!!

Well, not quite.  : )  Of course I am going to elaborate, as we are talking about paint colors here!  One of my favorite subjects (after my kids naturally!). 

Over the course of a few weeks of snail’s pace painting, our kitchen and dining areas are completely painted in Benjamin Moore’s Collingwood.  It is a great gray as it doesn’t have a lot of undertones, at least not in our space.  While I was trying out paint colors (I hashed it out here) I realized that area in our home tends to be a little on the blue-ish side.  I thought I would love a couple of other colors but they fell flat (or blue, as it were) on our walls.  I like that it is light enough to feel fresh yet still allows for white to stand out on it.  After all I wouldn’t want my hutch to feel like a wallflower blending into the wall! (Real life picture here folks…all is not pristine at our house…this is actually cleaner than it often is.)


I’m going to try to include a few pictures so you can get an idea of what it looks like in case you’re looking for a nice gray!


Here is a prime example of how colors look so different in different lighting…this next photo is from our front entry area which is currently bathed in warm sunlight…making the paint look more brown-ish!  If you have tons of natural light it will look more like this color.



Yes, we still have our Christmas décor up.  ; )


Avert eyes from real-life stuff in this photo—gasp!  We eat cheerios like a normal family!!!


Just to give you some perspective, this whole area used to look like this (from before we moved in):


In case the color is not as intense on your computer screen as it is on mine, it was a soft lavender/pastel purple color that got old reeeeaaall fast. 

So there you have it.  Collingwood from Benjamin Moore—I like!  Not life changing, but helping with winter cabin fever for sure!

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  1. Looks great! I like how white and the wood trim pop out. I'll have to keep that color in mind for future reference. :)

    1. Oh yes I like a good "pop" as well. : ) Thanks Lisa!

  2. Ooh that's really pretty, light and fresh! Filing this one away for future reference!

    1. Yes, it is definitely a wonderful fresh start to the area. I'm getting really excited to do some more projects in there now that it is a blank canvas!


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