Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A House is not the Most Important…

We found out today that some good friends lost nearly everything they owned in a house fire this morning.  Thank God the whole family made it to safety, but it really drove home to me how really unimportant and trivial our possessions are.  They made it out with the most important things they needed…each other.  It could have ended very differently.  I am sure it is very difficult to lose everything (especially, as a mom, to lose photos and keepsakes of the kids—I cannot imagine!!) and the foreseeable future will be challenging with Christmas coming on and the huge task of rebuilding a home.  But I know they are incredibly thankful that it was only the house that burned to the ground! 

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I know I can be easily obsessed with all things house—making it pretty, picking paint colors—worrying when chocolate gets on the couch—etc.  This was a good wake-up call for me to realize that all those things I can easily get caught up in are only superficial.  Sure, a home is so much more than four walls and a door…a home is a nurturing place (and I’m sure this family misses their home greatly tonight!), a place of comfort, and so much more.  And I have no intention of ceasing to make our home more “homey” and beautiful for us and our guests.

But making your house beautiful at the expense of your family?  Not important enough. 


(And I’m not even talking anything serious here…just painting when one should be making snacks, ogling Pinterest instead of reading stories, eating breakfast with the kids while checking email.)


Wishing us all a Christmas season centered around who lives in our homes and around Who is coming.  : )


For those that may be concerned about this family, their immediate needs have been met and I know many (myself included) are waiting to find out how they can help in the upcoming weeks and months as they rebuild their home.

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  1. Oh that poor family! I will definitely keep them in my prayers. And this is such a great reminder, Liz! I know I am far too attached to mementos and belongings, and need to remember it's our loved ones that matter the most!


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