Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Christmas Living Room

Well, I have finally done a little bit of decorating in our home for Christmas!



I know a lot of the blog world is already decorated, but we traditionally start putting up decorations a couple weeks before Christmas and finally get the house completely decorated (well, at least as decorated as it is going to get!) a couple days before Christmas.  Then we leave it all up for at least a few weeks after Christmas. 

This year since the music room has french doors I am toying with the idea of making that our “Christmas room” and perhaps even cover the panes in the doors and open them dramatically Christmas morning for the children to rush in and see their presents under the tree.  Hmm…I don’t know if I could be that disciplined however!!  It would be a magical memory-maker for the kids though…can you just imagine the anticipation???  Ahh, to see Christmas through the eyes of a child again!


Back to our living room—since our new jute rug arrived on Monday I was able to deep clean the room before putting it in there, and then today did a little more to Christmas-ify it.  I generally stick to simple because I am lazy BUSY and after Christmas I don’t really enjoy taking everything back down again.  I went out in our yard and snipped some free greenery (which is so exciting to me because this is the first time we’ve had evergreens in our yard!!) and spread it around a little until it looked pretty.  : )



(This dresser was actually the first piece of furniture I ever re-finished!  My mom bought it when I was a teenager at an auction (I think??) and I stripped it and re-finished it again back then.  My mom had it in their farmhouse bathroom until this year when they gave it to me for my birthday!!)



My husband and his dad cut some slices of wood a few weeks ago when they were clearing out some brush on our property…I love the natural elements!  I thought they looked vaguely like a tree when I stacked them so I deemed it appropriate for the holiday.  ; ) 




Our oldest and I cut some paper snowflakes and strung them along with some ornaments on good old acrylic yarn and I looped it over the curtain rods for a little extra something. 




The whole room…




The star is from Ikea and it is one of my favorite decorations (besides the sentimental ones).  It lights up and is especially pretty at night!




Oh…and here is the new rug in it’s natural element.  I’m still really liking it!




Now that I’ve got the ball rolling hopefully I’ll start on the rest of the house.  : )


  1. Wow! I love you decorations! I really should do something simple like snowflakes at least! Your blog is beautiful! I am going to have to get your help with any future home decorating I do. :) Also, you should have told me that you also had a blog!

    1. Thanks Susanna! I'm glad I remembered about paper snowflakes...our oldest really liked cutting them and especially unfolding them at the end.
      Haha, I sometimes keep my blog on the down low IRL because it just feels a little weird, but I figured since you have one too you won't judge me. :) I would have mentioned it but as it often goes during mom conversations, kids have needs and interrupt. I'm sure you know what I mean!


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