Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A little Easter joy, baby-style



A scene at our house this morning:

5 year old Daughter:  Oh noooooooooooo!!!  Johnnnnnnnnn!

Me rushing over:  What happened??

Daughter:  Looooook!!  He has chocolate everywhere!!

And that is how our 7 month old breastfeeding baby was introduced to a chocolate bunny.  (Apparently our 2 year old just leaves pieces of chocolate bunny laying around on the floor??!!)

It was NOT like taking candy from a baby. 


  1. Haha, seems he likes it! Such a great picture.

  2. Oh, he loved it!! He's such a little stinker!! :)

  3. Oh. No! Imagine how much you would have freaked out about that if he was your first baby! But once the third rolls around, I think we're all just happy if dirt isn't their first solid food :P

    1. I know!! I would have totally freaked out and wondered if I had damaged his digestive system. :) Haha!


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