Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garden plans

As we’ve been having a really really early spring here, I’ve been having fun gardening a little earlier than I normally would be able to.  Although I haven’t planted anything  new yet, I’ve been moving around existing perennials as they come up to new locations.  I seem to do this every year as I find out just how the plants like or do not like the different parts of our yard.  We have a mixture of full sun, part sun, and mostly shade so I have places for almost everything though I struggle with the shade areas. 
I had a lot of time on my hands this winter while I was on bedrest for over 6 weeks (subchorionic hematoma with baby #3), so I drew up some garden plans for the flower beds we have in our yard.  I have modified them slightly as memory didn’t quite serve me correctly in the dead of winter on some plant placements, but this is what a couple of them looked like:

The above is the front of our house.  My very elementary sketching and scribbling would probably be difficult for anyone else to decipher, but it is a huge help for me when it comes to organizing plant heights and colors, etc.  All the circles with number correspond to a “key” that I have written out on another page of this notebook. 

This one doesn’t have as many plants so I was able to write the names of the plants on the same page.  We’re actually incorporating a rain barrel into this flower garden so I’m going to have to do some rearranging, but most of the plants have not been planted yet (I ordered a few and am  moving a few from elsewhere in the yard to this flowerbed) so it isn’t a big problem. 

Not very professional I know, but for my purposes right now they work pretty well.  And really, I do have better handwriting than that…I didn’t plan to publish it for the world to see at that point in time!! 

I’m looking forward to my gardening this summer!  I’ll probably do some more posts on my gardening trials and errors as I’m sure there will be plenty of them! 



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