Thursday, April 12, 2012

Checking things off the list…

There is just nothing like checking a few things off a list that seems never ending. 
Case in point:  a couple weeks ago I decided that now was a good time to fix the wall/paint job in our downstairs powder room.  We completely redid this room a couple of years ago and I love how it turned out, but we had a small leak through the roof above it due to some ice jams two winters ago and it wrecked the paint job on part of one wall.  It was a small area and not terribly noticeable, but of course I knew it was there and it bugged me almost every time I used the bathroom.  I procrastinated on the project until now though I tell myself that I was just waiting to see if it would do it again this winter.  :) 
Thankfully it ended up being an easier fix than I originally had thought…I ended up just needing a little bit of drywall mud to smooth the upper corner out and then a couple coats of primer and another 2 coats of paint.  It looks as good as new!  And while I was at it I painted the underside of the bathroom sink which was still a sickly shade of yellow from the previous color “scheme” (if you can call icky wood paneling and blue and yellow plastic tile a color scheme).  I’m now working on getting the quarter round up—just have to seal it as it is already stained—and then I’m almost done with my list for that room.  It feels good!!!

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