Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Colors from nature

Colors from nature are so soothing!  A while back I found these templates on the Coffeeshop Blog and since my sweet husband got me Photoshop Elements, I was able to use them to get some color palettes from pictures I have taken of my flower garden.  I think it just makes it more interesting to bring the colors from right outside the house into the house.  Now, this would definitely not be as colorful at this time of the year, but maybe for a white/brown/neutral palette?  Hmm. 

Since I'm on a purple kick, I'll start with this one:

Then this:


More fall toned:

This one is not technically from outside the house--it is my sister's wedding bouquet:

The sky's the limit!  I tried to find some with more blue in them but I didn't have any on my computer.  Now I don't imagine all of these colors would necessarily look good on a wall, but it is definitely fun to play around with them!

I've been rather obsessed with color at the moment...can you tell?


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