Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our New (old) Front Door

In the midst of a few other projects I had going on, this one got done first!


I, like so many out there in blogland, am loving bold front doors that add a pop of color to your entry.  I have had this in the back of my mind for months, but finally took the plunge with a less “in your face” color that I think will transition through the seasons well.  I loved this front door on Emily A. Clark’s house,


but since we don’t have a brick fa├žade I wanted something a tad more bright.  I started a Pinterest board with all kinds of green door pins to show my husband what it might look like since initially he was a little skeptical.  He ended up being pretty neutral about it after seeing some of them which was great progress so I went ahead and painted it when he went to visit his parents last week.  : )  I had Benjamin Moore’s Avocado color matched in a Behr exterior semi-gloss…with the tiniest bit of black added after I thought it was a little too bright olive-y. 

After the first coat it looked pretty darn awful.  And this next picture is actually after the 2nd coat so it looked slightly better, but still…



And I was really questioning my color choice since it looked positively neon in the sunlight!!!

But after 5 coats, done over the course of 3 days, it now looks like this:


I think our lion is liking his green surroundings…


though as always he doesn’t show it.  . 

I found it is difficult to make the green not look flat in pictures.  It looks much more vibrant in person, but oh well!


And here is a comparison--

Before (this spring when all the plants were new):


And now:


I think it looks a lot more welcoming and a lot less stark now!  What a difference a little paint and some lush plants make!


  1. Wow, definitely a difference. It looks great, Liz! I love how those plants look w/ the green door, and the lion knocker is fabulous! :)

    1. Thanks! We’re really loving it, and I do like the fact that it looks great with the plants we have around it and that it should work with all the seasons too.

  2. I love it!!!! Worth all those pesky coats!

    1. I was beginning to wonder just how many coats I would have to do!

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  4. Great choice on the door color- it really makes it pop and it looks wonderful with your plantings! Please post more pictures of your garden and window boxes with details- they look really nice!

  5. Oh my gosh, I love it! I have been wanting to turn our attentions to the exterior of our house, which needs a serious facelift. We're currently in the final stages of an attic reno, but then I really want to spend some time on our "curb appeal." I'm thinking of a bright royal blue for our front door (our house is brick), but am not sure yet. And my husband may just not go for it, in which case we'd have to go with black, which I still think would be a bit better than white. Your yard looks amazing, too!


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