Monday, March 17, 2014

Storage Woes

Have you ever watched Storage Wars?  When we had cable it was one of our favorite things to watch.  Sure, it was staged and the characters were zany and generally inappropriate, but it was always fun to see what they found in those lockers they bid on.  I can certainly identify with the thrill of not knowing what you might find…could be something amazing, could be somebody's old dentures.  Kind of like garage saling or thrifting, right?!?


My storage issues are nowhere near as soap-opera-ish as that show, but I certainly have a few.  I have been procrastinating on a big one in our basement storage room.  When we moved in we put all the boxes down there that we weren’t quite sure where they would belong, and there they stayed.  Oh, and they magically seemed to multiply overnight!




You can see why I have been procrastinating on cleaning this out.  Yikes!!  (And no, I am not a hoarder.  Though, now that I think of it…why did I keep the dingy lace curtains from our old house???  : )


It is actually a pretty large, though oddly shaped, room.  It is also a utility room so the furnace, water heater, etc. have to fit in there too.  The previous owners built the shelves which really maximize the amount of storage and I am so glad!  A lot can fit here!  Obviously though, we were not making good use of the space.  Stuff was stacked everywhere!  I really wanted to go through everything to see if we even wanted some of the stuff anymore while I cleaned it out. 


I’ve been working on this for the last week, off and on, and while it still isn’t a pretty space (and certainly doesn’t have to be!), it is now a LOT more usable and organized.  Oh, and I boxed up a bunch of stuff that is either going to Goodwill or will be for a garage sale this summer!  Yay!  We can actually see the floor! 




Now I can actually do projects on the counter!!  (Hmmm, like maybe painting the shelves for the bedroom cubby??  Trying to get myself psyched up for that project!) 


There may not be hidden treasure in this room, but at least we no longer feel we need to hire a dumpster to deal with it.  : )  I love projects like this that cost nothing yet make such a big difference in the function of our house…especially when we need to find something! 


  1. The storage in this room is astounding. I'm so jealous! What a great work space.

    1. Hi Ashley!
      It is a great work space...only I had so much stuff in there I couldn’t utilize that at all. I wish I had cleaned it out earlier so I could have made better use of it in the winter months when I can’t work in the garage.


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