Thursday, March 20, 2014

My quest for a dirt-proof runner…victory!

I’ve been looking for a rug solution for our hard-working back entry/laundry room for a few months now…pretty much since the start of winter and all that mess that wet boots and snowsuits bring.  I nearly pulled the trigger on a jute runner from Rugs USA that looked very similar to the big rug in our living room but was woven and not braided—it was on a great sale but I just wasn’t sure if the color would withstand the dirt and also how much it would shed.  I just kept on looking, without success.  I tried to remedy the situation with a few rugs that I keep for rug emergencies…and to keep in the car for when I haul stuff.  It helped, but was certainly lacking on charm.


(Please ignore the painters’ tape on the wall…procrastinators unite!!)

Sometimes it happens though that if you wait long enough, something falls into your lap when you are least expecting. 

I was at Target today and, as I often do, I look down the home décor area’s aisles to see if there are any of the red sale or clearance stickers waving at me.  “Come buy me!!  I am on clearance!!  I complete you!!” 

There were lots of them in the rug aisle, so I popped in to see what was there.  And by popped, I mean grunted and groaned to maneuver my huge mega-boat-cart with three child seats and a load of diaper boxes and swinging monkey-children without crashing into the nice lady who was also looking innocently at the rug selection.  : )  Keeping it real, folks. 

I spied a number of rugs that were on sale, including one 2X3 WHITE one that I knew would not be coming home with me.  Then I saw that some of the Threshold runners were also on clearance, down from $39 to $27.  And yes, there was one that looked as though it could hide a whole lot of dirt and still look pretty.  Winner!  I grabbed it before any more cute monkeys broke containment and figured I could always return it if it didn’t look right. 


When I got home I tried it out, after giving the area a good sweep. 


Much better, don’t you think??  I may need to put a rug pad under it to make sure it doesn’t slip around, but I’m calling this particular rug hunt to an end.  I really like the nubbly texture and diamond pattern:


I’m not sure if it was just my particular Target or what, but there were lots of rugs on clearance and lots of rugs on sale too…so maybe if you’re in the market for a rug you should go check and see if yours has any deals! 


  1. I love the chunkiness of the pattern in this rug...really beautiful.

    1. That’s what drew me to this rug too! I originally wanted something with more color, but between the dirt potential and the texture of the rug (and the price!), this was a good fit.

  2. Hey, I remember you said you were searching for the perfect rug and I'm glad you finally found one! I really like the dark gray and pattern of the rug. It seems like it will hold up to the traffic and dirt. Great find!

    1. Yep, I sure hope it will! All those little feet bring in a LOT of dirt, especially out here in the country. :)


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