Sunday, November 24, 2013

TV Corner Gallery Wall

I (finally) took pictures of the gallery wall I just finished in our living room.  This is how it originally looked in its boring past:
And here is how it looks now. 
Certainly still no bombshell with the pale purplish wall color, old TV, and orange-ish trim--but an improvement, no? 
I ditched the aquarium stand that the TV was originally standing on in favor of a white cabinet I had down in the basement that was serving no particular purpose.  My thrifted (but brand new) Ikea storage boxes fit perfectly in the bottom which I took as a sign that this was meant to be.  :)  Don’t you think the outlets/light switch/thermostat blend in so much better now??  I do!
I’d still like to hide the tv in a cabinet or something, but until I find one that is petite (a huge one would dwarf this space) this will have to do. 
The gallery wall is mostly a mixture of free printable art and family photos.  I found soooo many wonderful sites with free art!  (If you’d like me to share where, let me know!)
Here is a local antique map (found free on the internet!)—I just love the colors!  (Why aren’t maps so pretty anymore??)
And I just love this painting of a little girl in winter:
A little mushroom art is always appropriate…  (I can’t really read French but I think it says they are edible mushrooms)
And this free printable from the Pleated Poppy is just lovely…and great for November (or a good reminder for anytime of the year)! 
It is just so hard to get a good representation of the wall color.  This is the color that the living room was painted when we moved into our home a few months ago so most likely I will be painting it another color.  I don’t hate it, but it’s just a bit…purple or pink or something for me. 
Yes.  Definitely a bit too something.  :)
Here you can see the layout of the room a bit more, looking on the right into the entry and music room and on the left into the dining room/kitchen:
And this is one of the other sides of the room (with my DIY stenciled curtains)
I don’t have the other side of the room arranged in a way I like yet, but here’s a sneak peek:
So, there you have it folks!  Our corner gallery wall (TV included!)
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  1. I love the brightness of the room, and you did such a great job on the gallery wall, Liz! That gold frame is especially pretty.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I love that frame too...found it garage saling of course!!

  2. Hopped over from the Show Me What Ya Got link party... I really like this idea---never thought of decorating a corner like that before! I'll be pinning this for inspiration. :) Great job! I also really like the uniqueness of your wall color!


    1. Thanks for visiting! Yeah, I keep going back and forth on the wall color...I kind of like it but it is rather a difficult color to decorate with. :)


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