Thursday, September 5, 2013

House Tour: Music Room

I’ve decided to start a casual “house tour” and slowly work my way through some of the rooms of our current house.  Our house is not magazine worthy by any means nor “done”, but I always enjoy looking through other people’s homes on their blogs so I thought I’d do one here…if only for my own benefit.  :) 

Stop one:

The Music Room. 

This room is off to the right as you enter our home.  We have the original plans for the house and it was intended to be a dining room (though it was called an office on the real estate listing).  It has French doors that open into it from the hallway which are currently a golden oak color (I would love to change the color!). 

One quick before:


And now, an after!


The walls are a tan/beige color and I’m not really fond of it though the color is better than some other colors in the home.  I plan to paint them Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray  (the color we had in our last dining room—and loved) at some point but there are more deserving areas in our home for paint right now.  The curtains in here are from our last home’s dining room…I made them with fabric I got from Joann Fabrics a couple of years ago.  I like how bold they are and they go great with so many colors. 


We call it the music room because of the piano that resides here.  It is the perfect spot for it in the house, especially because of the French doors that can be closed for piano practice.  :)


I am having trouble filling this wall so it looks balanced yet not cluttered.  I got a great idea from another blog to hang a guitar on the wall and I really think that will fill this wall up nicely.  I have one that is just sitting in a closet and this is a music room so it’s definitely appropriate for the space.  I just need to go get the hanging apparatus (hook??) at the store and then we’ll see how it looks. 


I found this lamp at a Re-Store in my husband’s hometown.  It is actually a huge lamp and I had a really hard time finding a lampshade that would fit it.  The shade that I have is still not quite big enough but it will have to do until I can find a bigger one that is affordable.  I love the green glass base!



I found the platter on top at a barn sale—I thought the detail with the patina is so interesting.



And of course I must mention again the tufted chair I thrifted a few weeks ago…it has found a home in this room for now. 


I’m sure this room will be changing but that is the wonderful thing about most home decor…you can change it whenever the whim strikes! 

Planned improvements:

  • paint walls Worldly Gray
  • finish adding art/photos/guitar?
  • find rug, preferably round
  • change out light fixture (or possibly spray paint…it is a very unappealing rust color right now)
  • add more seating
  • possibly paint trim or stain darker

Thanks for touring the first room in our home!


  1. ah. please please come help with our house.

    incredible! you have quite an eye!

    1. Thanks Grace! Believe me, it does not look like this most of the time...but it is fun to play with decorating nevertheless.

  2. What is the name of the beige/tan color you chose for the walls? I have a lot of original oak trim/flooring in my new home and I’m not quite ready to paint over it because it’s so well kept. The color scheme you chose looks great! Great way to make it work. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the layout throughout your home.

    Love, love the Worldy Gray. I’m going to pick up a sample this weekend.

    1. Jackeline...just to be clear I have not painted the walls yet. I plan to (and even have the paint bought) but this is the color that was on the walls when we bought the house. It isn't a bad color and it does go well with the golden oak (and doesn't read too yellow)..but I just love love Worldly gray with these curtains so will be repainting. :)
      The color on the wall now is Pensive by Benjamin Moore. The previous owner left all the paint here so I ran down and checked.
      If you are looking for a grey that isn't too blue or green or other colored..Worldly Gray is the ticket!


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