Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scrounging and thrifting

My husband really  likes the term scrounging.  He will call me and tell me that he scrounged a candy bar or the like (unopened—I hope, ha!) at work.  It basically means he found it somewhere or got it for free and he rescued it. 
I’m ambivalent about the term, but this week when I was out garage saling I scrounged a few things…meaning I got them for free…that I’m excited about!
First off, this:
Not sure what exactly it was used for in it’s former life (it doesn’t seem to have ever held gasoline or anything like that in it)…but I’m thinking about using it as a pretty watering can, or even a flower pot!  Or maybe I’ll clean it up and use it in the house somehow.  We’ll see!
And this:
I realize this probably doesn’t look like much.  In fact, you might be wondering what rocker I’m off of. 
They’re canna lily bulbs!  One garage sale had a whole bunch of them for free, and they were really nice looking ones so I grabbed a bunch.  Despite the fact that we are moving and why on earth am I planting flowers that I will not see bloom?  Idon’tknoweither.  :)
(My sister said that she will adopt them!  Yay!)
I also got a red belt out of a freebie box.  No, I have no picture, but it was just a basic belt, red, and I have been looking for a red belt for a while.  That’s all. 
Now for things that I actually paid a small pittance for:
Milk glass candy jar (?), 50 cents.
Little pink glass pitcher.  50 cents too if I remember correctly. 
And I found more pale green glassware!  Someday I will actually research to see what this type of glassware is properly called.  I’m calling it my grandma’s green glassware for now.  :)
And now for my favorite thing:
Ta-da!!!!  A vintage polaroid camera--$5.  I can picture it in my future studio/craft room/office, on a shelf.  It has a really neat, almost sculptural, element to it.  Love it!! 
I’m really excited about this garage sale season! 
And no, I do not plan to post only garage-sale find posts for the rest of the spring/summer.  :)


  1. That camera is so cool! I'm terrible at sifting through stuff at garage sales and thrift stores - some day I hope I have the time to actually look at stuff and not just grab and go!

    1. Oh I know, it is getting more and more difficult to go garage saling with the kids. It's certainly fun though to find the treasures!


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