Thursday, May 9, 2013

Moving on

Look what’s in our front yard!
Yep, we’ve decided to put our home on the market and find our “forever” home.  We love our little 20s two-story but we’re just outgrowing it both space-wise and idea-wise.  For the past few years we have had a five-year plan in mind—this five year plan entailed us selling our home and finding a larger home on a few acres where we could live out our rural roots (both my husband and I grew up out in the boonies) and have space for the kids to build forts and run around and make lots of noise.  Cause that’s what they do!! 
Anyway, with the housing market boom and low interest rates we decided to put it on the market now rather than later and see how things go!  Ugh, I tell you packing and getting a house ready to show with three little kids is tough!!  Seems like as I’m getting one area cleaned I can hear the two-year old making a mess in another room that I just cleaned.  It’s done though…well, I’m sure there is room for improvement, but it is done and ready for showing (actually, we’ve had three showings already!!).
I know, I still have a bathroom to show you (yes, it is done!!), but I’m only now having a little time to take pictures and blog again.  I promise that before we sell the house I’ll make sure to take pictures so you can see the finished product. 
I’ll probably end up writing a post about getting ready to move with 3 little kids underfoot…so if you have any questions you’d like me to answer let me know!  Not that I’m an expert…yet!!


  1. My advice for getting ready to move with three littles (or 4, as was the case with us) is: Hire movers!

    But actually what helped us for move day was getting temporary seating in the new place so I could comfortably nurse, driving over a car full of toys and letting the big kids "unpack" all morning, and sending them to lunch and the playgrounf with Grandma all afternoon while everyone else moved stuff in and unpacked. That way I just camped out with the babies and it was easy to stay out of the way!

    Good luck!!! I hope you guys find your dream home :)

  2. Oh thanks for the advice!!! I was hoping that someone who had BTDT would chime in with some words of wisdom. :) Great idea on how to keep the kids out from underfoot on moving day. We are thinking of renting one of those PODS to cut down on the amount of moving we'd have to do in one day, but we'll see.

  3. How exciting! We're starting to look for our "forever" (or at least longer-term!) home, so it's great to hear any and all tips on moving w/ little kids. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the updated spaces!


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