Friday, May 17, 2013

Garage Sale-ing in the Northlands

So…garage sales have finally started in this area!  This is the 2nd weekend with warm enough weather and I am so excited to get out there and see what treasures are waiting for me. 
I have one slight problem.  I don’t want to get lots more stuff to move (see this post).  However, I have found that if I don’t go garage saling, I will have to pay waaaay more for kids clothes new or even thrifted when I actually need them.  So I think I need to go garage saling. 
Yep, I’m pretty sure I need to. 
If it happens we have a few more boxes of stuff to move, so be it.  (At least that’s what I’m telling myself now.)  :)
I hit a few sales and found lots of goodies this morning.  Around here, you have to get out right away on Thursday morning to get the best stuff.  Once in a while if I see something I like but it is way overpriced I will go back on a Saturday morning to see if they’ll come down on it.  Then I also have time to think about if I actually should have it.  Usually the answer is no. 
Garage saling with little kids is tricky.  If I take them all out at each garage sale, that means more time spent unbuckling and buckling them into their carseats—and that time can really add up.  Generally I bring a book on CD to play in the car for them and leave the car running while I dash in to the garage sale.  They eventually get tired of this and that is when the snacks come out.  Or I alternate bringing them into a garage sale (or just one of them each time) so they get a little variety.  If a sale has lots of kids toys I bring them all out so they can have a little fun playing (gently!  I hope anyway!) while I shop.  So far this approach has worked pretty well.  However, this is only the 2nd weekend of garage saling for me with three kids, so we’ll see.  I would like this to continue to be fun for everyone and not end up with kids who hate garage saling. 
On to the finds!
Frame is sturdy and 8X10 size--so as many others do, I just remove the art, spray paint the frame, and pop something new in there—all for 1.00!
Four Fire King orange mugs…have no idea if they have any monetary value but I heart their bright and happy colors so they are definitely worth the 25c each I paid for them! 
Milk glass plate and vase—I think 50c each.  Brass bowl 50c. 
I’m excited about this plate.  Why?  My sister gave me a condiment tray that used to belong to my late grandmother in this exact same pattern and color…so this also now reminds me of my sweet grandma.  Love!
Ignore the weird hand…I just realized my fingers pressed against the glass look kind of creepy. 
I’m a little ambivalent about this plate.  It is cute and the sentiment rings true but we’ll see where it ends up.  I think it was 25c?
I also got this big wad of new fabric.  It was originally from Ikea and is hearts made out of the number 2.  I already have so much fabric but I thought this could make cute graphic pillows or curtains for our daughter’s room as she grows older. 
And now…
Ok.  I realize this is not the best picture of this.  And it isn’t even all screwed together the way it should be.  But…this is a HUGE chandelier.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking??
How to paint a Herringbone Pattern[3]
So it isn’t as intricate or as big as the chandelier that Mandi found…but I am envisioning it a bright color and hanging somewhere in our new house (that we haven’t found yet).  And it was only $10!!  So excited. 
Those are my fun finds from the past couple of weeks!  I got a lot of kids clothes too but those just aren’t as fun to look at…at least not without kids in them.  :)


  1. Such fun finds! That chandelier is amazing, and I really like that blue and white plate. It reminds me of something from Holland- not that I've been there, but that was my first thought. :) And I never think about spray painting old frames- such a great idea!

  2. With a little love that brass bowl would make a lovely spitoon. I look forward to a future entry on it.


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