Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Five Favorites Volume 2

Joining Moxie Wife for her Five Favorites link-up…
Alstroemeria.  Especially Trader Joe’s cheap alstroemeria.  Just what is needed for these dreary March days with dingy melting snow, puddles of ice, and temperatures fluctuating between hopeful and downright disappointing.  Bonus:  they last forever so I can enjoy this late winter pick-me-up for quite a while!
A four year old who vacuums. 
The entire carpeted area!!  And she does it really well!  Can I get a yeah and a woooh?!!  Anyone who has little kids knows how HUGE this is.  Couch and bon-bons, here I come!  (j/k of course, as anyone who has little kids knows!!)  She does it every week! 
Please don’t be jealous.  Or try to kidnap her for your own carpeted areas.
wwwyh post
I’m loving this series that Emily is doing over on her blog about how to work with areas in the home that are challenging and cannot be changed right now for various reasons.  She has great practical and budget-friendly ideas..I’m especially liking her post on long, narrow living rooms (raises hand here).  I’m sure we’d all love to wave a magic wand and change a few things around in our home, but budget and time, etc. don’t allow. 
And her cute twins are adorable!
This tablescape is just too pretty.  Wouldn’t this be a lovely Easter dinner table?  Of course, at our house I’m not sure it would last long with a 2 year old around, but a girl can dream, right? 
Sleep.  I know, very lame, but it is a perennial favorite for me so I’m adding it.  A certain cute 6 month old is going through a phase of waking multiple times a night and it is starting to get old.  Hopefully he’ll get that tooth/decide nighttime is not for partying/realize he likes sleep as much as I do soon.  I really can’t complain though as he has been a wonderful sleeper since birth. 


  1. I LOVE the TJ alstromeria too! I keep buying them because they last for 2 weeks. Totally worth it. Oh my gosh, I have dreary March-itis too. It snowed again today. *blinks back tears*

  2. You're inspriring me to get some flowers for my kitchen table! I'll also have to check out that blog in #3! Thanks for sharing!

  3. @Jessica Thornton
    March-itis...what a great word! I'm totally using on my husband tonight (although he has the opposite March-itis...he loves winter and is sad to see it go!). And YES, the alstroemeria is so so worth it. Brings a smile to my face every time I go in the kitchen.

  4. @adreamerswife.com
    You will never regret getting flowers for your kitchen table...especially at this time of the year!!
    Thanks for visiting!

  5. I love love love alstromeria. They are beautiful, cheap and last forever. Win. Win. Win.

  6. Always such a big fan of fresh flowers. My man usually brings me home a bouquet twice a month on his walk home from work(even if they're from the drugstore, it's still nice), but the weather has been too cold and I don't want them to freeze, so it's been drearier than ever.

    I'm so ready for spring.

    That mossy table-scape (new word, but it's really very descriptive!) is super cute. It's like something from a terrarium, only not in the jar. What a super idea. So interesting, and really broadens the possibilities for table decor, if I don't have to confine myself to a vase. Hmmm...thinking cap: ENGAGED!

    Super selection!

  7. The tablescape is adorbs. I especially love the mushrooms! I know what you mean about 2 yr olds and table decor, but you never know!:)

  8. I'm with you on #5. Oh, to have uninterrupted sleep AND to sleep in!

  9. I'm totally going to have to check out number three. Thanks for the tip!

  10. @pioneercynthia
    Flowers are always such a nice surprise aren't they!
    If I didn't have a two year old I might consider making a table-scape like that...maybe another year!
    Thanks for visiting!

  11. @MamaH
    Yep, you never know...maybe I could put it somewhere else out of reach. He is a climber though!

  12. @Lisa
    I haven't slept in in forever!! Something to look forward too when I'm older I guess. :)

  13. That tablescape is gorgeous! I'm not sure I could resist hiding a fairy or two in there, as well. ;)

    Thanks so much for joining in!

  14. @Hallie @ Moxie Wife
    Thanks for visiting!
    Ooh, what a good idea to add fairies! My 5 year old girl would looove that!!


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