Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Five Favorites (Volume 4)

I’m having a bit of writer’s block today…of course there are so many things that are my favorites but difficult to narrow it down.  :)  Linking up to Moxie Wife for her Five Favorites!  ETA:  I posted this a week ago, but then discovered Hallie was not having a Five Favorites link-up that week!  So, I am linking up this week!  Apologies to the one person who may have read it already!  :)
This pretty much wowed me.

How cool is that??  I could picture that with a child’s name in a nursery, or just as it is.  Such an unexpected and bold accent! 
gymboree easter outfit boys
Easter is almost here!  I have two little boys and I think it is so hard to find cute dressy stuff for them.  I think little girls are so much easier to dress for a special occasion.  I found this and I liked the outfits a lot!  I am not the sort to drop much money on a special occasion outfit though, so I will be using some items that I got from thrifting and perhaps make some of these:
Here is an easy tutorial for making your own bow ties.  I’ve used this tutorial before and it is super easy, even if you have minimal sewing skills.  They are so cute on toddler boys!  (And older ones I’m sure, but I just have experience with toddler and infant ones! )
This skirt from Shabby Apple.  And, of course, that backdrop.  :)
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How neat would it be to be a personal shopper?  This woman had a great idea to be a personal shopper for…a thrift store!  Read how she turned a love of thrifting into a full time job here.  I would totally love to do this!  Except I would shop for home decor.  Maybe when the kids grow up!


  1. #5 is pretty darn awesome!

  2. Such a pretty skirt!

    And what a charming boy's outfit.

    LOVE the string word idea. Almost free, and what an impact. Again, LOVE.

    1. I keep thinking of where I could do that in our home!

  3. Love, love, love that skirt! And Gymboree has such cute kid's clothes.

    1. I know, too bad Gymboree is so spendy! (I just look for it at garage sales usually works out pretty well for me. )

  4. OH.MY.Gracious....that skirt is to die for! Just stunning. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!

    1. Thank you, I did have a wonderful Easter!!

  5. Oh gosh, I am in love with that skirt!!


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