Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Five Favorites (Vol. 3)

Joining Moxie Wife for her Five Favorites Link-up…
Corned Beef Hash
Yum, yum, yum.  I don’t really care for corned beef all that much, but this is amazing.  I don’t put as much horseradish as it calls for (and I don’t normally even like horseradish but it adds a wonderful flavor here) but otherwise I make it like it says.  Big thumbs up from the hubby and whole family.  Next year we’re not even cooking up the corned beef for it’s own meal first.  We’re cooking it just for this!!
Make Your Own Word Find Chalkboard
I thought this was a super cute idea!  I don’t even have any chalkboard paint in my house, but I do like how it looks and it would be fun for older kids.  Ok, ok, adults too!
Sweetness overload.  Do not go to this blog if you don’t like kids, cuteness, babies, or a good laugh.  Do not blame me if you die of Adorableness Overload (it’s a Real Thing). 

Colorburst Lip Gloss
My husband got me two of these (Crystal Lilac and Rosepearl) a while back after I left a blog open on the computer and he saw that I had been reading about these.  I don’t even recall what blog it was and I didn’t even recall reading about these when he gave them to me, but regardless of how and when he/we found out about this lip gloss, it is great!  It doesn’t feel icky on the lips and it moisturizes nicely.  I am not a lipstick gal (at least not yet…but I wasn’t a nail polish girl either until recently) so this gives me just a little hint of color and shine but isn’t too in-your-face.  (He’s a keeper!)
A 5 year old who likes to do crafts just like her mom.  She is still not quite to that age that she can do things by herself so it can be a bit frustrating/challenging for both of us, but it will be a fun thing for us to do together when she is older so I suppose we should start now!  I found a bunny in one of her coloring books for her to cut out and trace on scrapbook paper, then cut out again.  I did one (mine is above) and hers is coming along nicely:
We’ll see where and how they end up.  :)


  1. Wow, that is SO thoughtful of your husband! I'm so impressed!!!
    My husband is always very encouraging of my girlie beauty practices, I appreciate that. I love lipstick, but sometimes I would prefer something a little lighter. I can't wait to check that lip gloss out! I usually avoid lip gloss because it's so sticky, it's great to hear that this brand is not.

  2. @Andrea
    I know, I was very impressed too!
    Yes, this lip gloss may be one that you like. I would not describe it as sticky at all. Just adds a little sparkle and shine! :)

  3. oh man. LOVE corned beef hash!! almost ordered it the other day while out with friends. yums. #5 is adorbs. what a great idea!!!! very creative:)


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