Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bathroom in real time

We don’t have a lot of free time around here with 3 little ones, so all remodeling projects go super slowly.  The upstairs bathroom project goes even more slowly because it is right across from the kids’ bedrooms and therefore any work we do has to be done while they are awake as most remodeling produces a fair amount of noise. 
So this is the point we are at.  The ugly, yucky, tear-it-all-down, what-are-we-thinking stage.  Our two year old walked into the bathroom and said “What happened?”  Hmm.  What did happen?
This happened.
The blue plastic tile is officially gone.  Well, all except for the tile behind the vanity.  So perhaps not officially.  I’m calling it gone though. 
Approximately half of the wallpaper has been scraped off the walls too.  The walls are looking surprisingly good.  I’m not quite sure why the wallpaper was applied in the first place.  I have only found one or two cracks in the plaster so far that will be quite easy to patch.  Certainly nothing that necessitated such a drastic measure as floral wallpaper! 
IMG_5771Whoops.  Overexposed photo alert. 
I’m having a hard time finding an affordable and nice medicine cabinet.  Preferably something under $50…perhaps Craigslist will come through one of these days.  One can always hope!
Hopefully too we’ll start making some more pretty progress soon, though it looks like there will be more demo before we start putting things together. 
Have a happy day!

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