Thursday, May 3, 2012

What’s that?

For those who dare to enter:
What are those dark shapes?  Could they be dangerous?
Oh, wait!  They’re cabinets
Yes, really.  And they’re in desperate need of some TLC.  And I have a feeling it’s me who’ll be giving them some, in the form of Simply White by Benjamin Moore paint and some brand new shiny hardware! 
When it warms up just a tinch (is that even a word?) and isn’t so damp, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing! 
Where did we get them from?  We got them for the grand total of $0 (as in FREE!) from my in-laws who are also in the process of remodeling their kitchen.  They may be their old cabinets, but for those of us who don’t want to shell out several thousand dollars and who have nightmares of plastic drawers in their dreams, they are a gold mine!  I mean, come on, solid wood drawers!!!  They have definitely seen some wear but are structurally sound and with a little tweaking and cosmetic work, they’ll be our ugly ducklings who turn into swans.  (Kind of hard to believe right now, I know!)
For those who may be interested (namely, me), I’m keeping a tab on our expenditures relating to the kitchen remodel.  So far, I have spent this much:
Zinsser primer and sealer gallon:          20.99
Benjamin Moore Impervo paint:            39.99
Floetrol additive for paint                       11.99
Total:                                                         81.97
I’m sure that will be only a drop in the bucket (pun intended) compared to our final total, but you can bet I’ll be keeping a close eye on the costs. 
I’m exhausted just looking at them!!!  :)

Edited to add...if you would like to see finished pictures of the cabinets, go here.


  1. Wow, I just saw your renovation and came here to see what you started with. AMAZING!!!!
    Shows what you can get if you're willing to sweat for it. I was so shocked when I saw that you had started with this, I was ready to swear those were brand new cabinets with the lovely white paint and new hardware.
    Fantastic job, you deserve every inch of your lovely kitchen!

  2. Good job on all the work you and your family have done. My family and I are about to be doing the same. You had mentioned you were expecting your youngest while doing this renovation, were there any projects you didn't tackle yourself because of this? We are also expecting and it has been hard finding out a sure list of not to-do's. Thank you for sharing remodel.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Though I felt comfortable doing most of the projects during the kitchen remodel while I was pregnant, there were a few that I definitely passed on to my husband. Sanding drywall compound on the new sheetrock was one of those things. I believe it even says on the bucket that pregnant women should not breathe the dust from the compound. The same goes for if you are ripping out plaster or anything that may have lead paint on it. Also, if you are using a very strong primer or paint I would pass on that. We did this during the summer so I painted most of the cabinets outside which cut down on any fumes. Anything involving a ladder was a no-no for me too as I got bigger. I think just use your judgement as to what you feel comfortable doing (and do your homework on the products you are using such as paint, drywall mud, etc.) Happy pregnancy (and home remodel!)!


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